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Behind the Song: Fly So High

J: The meaning behind this song for me is when you have a passion for something you should go out and chase your dreams! Listen to your heart and let it lead you on the right path.

C: The meaning behind this song for me is the same as what Josie said, but also not giving you on your dreams/ If your that passionate about something, you need to do it! Taking baby steps can lead to big success!

C & J:
Cleo: While staying at a hotel, I sat down to brainstorm song ideas & came up with what became the root of this song.

Josie: We sat down together and a day later we had written a complete song!
Cleo: We really didn’t revise it at all! It’s pretty much as it started!



Behind the Song: Hat Skirt & Country Boots On

C: The song is really about empowering girls, you don’t have to look perfect to be perfect! Just like in the chorus: “Even if I don’t got my Hat Skirt & Country Boots On, singing that song, I’m still little miss perfect’, you don’t have to be wearing certain clothes, hair or makeup to be perfect in your own way!

J: The meaning behind the song for me is that a lot of girls think they have to put makeup on to look, feel and/or be perfect. Letting your inner beauty shine & being who you are is what perfect really is. If someone knocks you down, you can get back up again!


Cleo: Well Josie actually wrote the song, so I don’t exactly know the inspiration behind the song! Josie?

Josie: The inspiration behind the song is for girls that think they have to be perfect for a boy, or any person to like them. That isn’t true!

Cleo: I agree, we have been raised with believing that we don’t have to cover ourselves in makeup to be beautiful!

Cleo & Josie: Showing your inner beauty is the best way to be beautiful!